The Millennial Girls Guide To Festivals


If you’ve never been to a festival then honestly, you’re definitely missing out on this important life experience and if you're only just becoming old enough to go unsupervised then sit down and read this first. It doesn’t matter if you’re roaming around at the legendary Glastonbury or loving life at a local weekend session like Tramlines, both have the same basic do’s and don’t and we’re here to lay it all out for you. From what to wear to what to take and what to be aware of... all in good spirits of course!
Just before we begin, a quick disclaimer for our International girls, this is based on a UK festival to which is NOTHING like the Coachella you see on instagram... You know when you see pictures of Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and all the Victoria Secret Angels looking like mother nature literally gave birth to them in all their fringing and finery.. yeah can’t relate, there’s nothing glamorous about UK festivals. Fact.
Festivals are all about packing the perfect balance between practicality and looking great so it’s important to not forget that you’ll be dancing around a field that will probably become a muddy mess by day 3 which leads us onto our first top tip...



If you’re the kind of gal that wants to tip toe around in pretty sandals thinking it’ll be one big picnic then perhaps the Bahamas is more suited to you angels. Sack off the flimsy footwear and get your wellies and ankle boots at the ready, Festivals often involve a heck of a lot of walking and don’t forget day 1 and day 3 you’ll have a rucksack the size of a small human on your back as well. Seeing your favourite acts will be a crowded and intense environment and your feet will definitely be stepped on numerous times and lets not mention the porta-loo floors just yet.. be sensible and pick something practical.


Unless you actually are at Coachella, in which case you’re probably thinking we’re already being dramatic… the chances of it raining the one weekend you’re bound to a tent and baby wipes is very high. So either invest in a good waterproof coat that will match every outfit that you’re packing which is already stressing us out at the thought of having to revolve 10 outfits around 1 coat! Or take the cheaper and simpler option and stock up on those £1 plastic ponchos and you can still wear the fringed outfit of your dreams for everyone to see and you’ll stay dry… win win.


You may see some girls on instagram wearing the most beautiful playsuit covered in sequins and throwing up a peace sign looking cute AF is how it is but realistically that will not be the case by the end of the day. Don’t think that the really cute dress you wore for your best mates 18th birthday with a denim jacket over it will cut it you’ll suddenly be ‘instagrammable’… no. You simply won’t enjoy yourself if you can’t bare to sit down or are scared of getting beer spilt on you because it’s inevitable… so either accept it or wear something else.


Okay so we’re not totally against the whole Coachella look, fringing, tassels and embroidery details are definitely a festival staple. They’re a really cool way to add texture and definition to your outfit and no one will think you’re overdressed and extra, just be careful that your fringing isn’t too long and you get caught up in a mosh pit and end up wrapped around some girls leg and have to cut yourself out. Awkward.


You can’t go wrong with a boho or rock and roll vibe at a festival but keep it concise so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Pick one trend piece and mix it up with your basics and some good accessories, if you’ve got a flower crown, fringed jacket, tassel shorts and glitter tattoos all over your legs then you need to scale it back so you don’t look like you rolled out of a fancy dress shop.


Don’t fill up your rucksack with clothes and glitter and forget all about toiletries because showers are not a thing at a festival so make sure you’ve stocked up on baby wipes, you’ll be surprised how many of these you’ll get through! Roll on deodorant, come on girl do your bit to help for the environment, hand sanitizer and plasters, your delicate feet may not be used to wellies and walking around all day and nothing can ruin your day quite like limping in pain from stage to stage. If you suffer from hayfever and you’re still going to spend a weekend in a field then girl we salute you! Just don’t forget your anti-allergy tablets and tissues.


Lets be honest, if you covered yourself in glitter on a regular basis then going around and hoovering it all up again would be very annoying so at a festival it’s the perfect opportunity to go all out and douse yourself in the stuff. Not to mention you can use it to mask your face when you’re looking a little worse for wear on day 3.


If you’re particularly unlucky with the British weather on your festival weekend then you will sure be soaked to the skin or freezing your toes off so pack more than double the amount you think you need because it probably won’t be enough and there is nothing worse than having no clean and dry underwear when your cold, wet and sad.
Okay so we hope we’ve given you some insight on what you should and shouldn’t take to maximise your fun at a festival. Remember you’re there for the music and a fun time with your friends so be sensible with your choices and be prepared for everything!
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All the love x
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