Why Are Millennial's So Obsessed With Plants?

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By Olivia Motley
MMU International Fashion Promotion Student
Olivia's Blog

It’s obvious that us millennials aren’t shy of buying a plant or two. But why? Why are we so endeared by these things and what do they add to our lives? Well, here I am looking into the reasons why we love them so much and why we just can’t LEAF them alone.


Plants are everywhere. You’ve got to admit, you’ve 100% got either a plant in your room or something with plants printed on it, haven’t you? Us girls love a good plant, especially a cactus. I’ll be the first to admit that I bought one of those 3-piece sets of mini cacti for my room at University and I’m pretty sure at least half of girls have them too. Speaking of uni, one of my flat mates was extremely obsessed with plants and had approximately 10 in his room. They all had names and he treated them like humans. Maybe that’s a bit extreme but nevertheless, one of the many obsessions with plants within our generation.


All you have to do is scroll through our new in page to see how relevant plants are to the fashion industry and how much of an inspiration they have: not only for prints but for colours and styles too. Tropical prints are all the rage right now as we come into Summer and the weather is getting better, the bright colours give us a lift even if it is a bit cloudy outside. Typically, as you can imagine, summer weather isn’t all that… summery in England but a bold tropical or floral print will always lift your spirits right up.

I think it’s simple why we’ve become so obsessed with plants and the reason is because we’ve become so obsessed with social media. The two things are a total juxtaposition but in reality, there is a lot of correlation between the two. Firstly, social media is a hive of influence where perhaps your favourite blogger has posted a picture of her bedroom and you’ve spotted the plant she has on her bedside table and immediately, you just NEED it. You know what I’m talking about, I know we’ve all been there. But it’s not just that, the fact that we’re so engrossed with social media that it takes over our lives; hours pass us by without us even realising it because we’ve been scrolling endlessly and this means that we lose touch with nature. Perhaps it’s a guilt thing why we have plants and we’re so obsessed with them because we know we don’t go out as much as we used to, we don’t just go for walks or see much greenery. We’re a lazy generation: if we can get a bus somewhere - we will, if it’s slightly cloudy outside, we’ll stay in. We’re all guilty of it but if you’re reading this and thinking what on earth am I talking about then, YOU GO GIRL!


Having a plant in your room gives you responsibility – you’ve got to keep that lil thing alive! Even though watering your plants is barely a chore, it’s still something that gets you off social media and actually moving. So are we really ‘using’ plants? Using them as an excuse to stop being so lazy. Perhaps we are.


But… perhaps we’re not. Maybe plants provide us with a bit of happiness. When you’re sitting in an office Monday to Friday, 9 til 5 then plants are a way of bringing the outside, in. They bring us a sense of lightness when it might be gloomy outside and they add a bit of colour to our lives. I’m not trying to say we all lead boring lives that are constantly grey and gloomy but sometimes all we need is a little pop of colour just to brighten up our day just that little more and that’s what plants do for us.


On a recent visit to Copenhagen, there were tonnes of Concept Stores of which epitomize the Skandi, minimal and clean aesthetic. There were many-a-plant, with ones hanging from the ceiling and draping over tables. Plants are a lifestyle: they give off a relaxed, natural and cosy appeal to a room – they add serenity and tranquillity to a loud room.


It’s clear that plants aren’t the be-all and end-all of our lives but they certainly do give it a boost and I think for that, we should be thankful for the small (or big) green things that sit in a pot all day.
After all, there is no Planet B.




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