NEONROSE // S P R I N G S U M M E R 1 8 // DROP 2

Girl, Women, Ladies… our time is now. In every part of the world us women are revolutionising the way things are done and demanding change for what we think is right and we couldn’t be more proud to be women and strong women at that.
“ Fashion won’t change the world, Women will.”



This collection was designed to empower our girls, both confident and cautious, all women deserve to feel beautiful, happy and comfortable in their clothes and style them however they like! Not being overwhelmed by the media influences and feeling pressured from every angel to look a certain way.
“ Don’t be like the rest of them darling…”


 Our collections are designed with our girls at the very centre with what they WANT to wear and we hope we give them the confidence to walk out their door and conquer the world. Our pieces are made to be loved forever with timeless shapes combined with seasonal trends and prints that we know will be THAT dress you did that amazing thing in.



Feminine florals, sports stripes and must have polka dots combined with tea style jumpsuits, button down sundresses and wrap tops is what our second summer collection is made up of and we hope it brings you the confidence to be the women you always wanted to be, and we think that's pretty cool. 
All the love, x